Quantum for Anybody

Created for middle and high school students, accessible to all.

This course will introduce the essential concepts used in quantum computing and explain how it's different than regular computing. We will explore what quantum computers can (and can't) do right now, and guide you through running first code on a real quantum computer. This is a beginner level course, so no linear algebra or tough equations will be used. That being said, you will NOT have enough background to go get a job after this course! You'll be able to understand what quantum computing is, and know where to go if you want to learn more.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    What Is Quantum Computing?

    • What is Quantum?

    • The Size of the Problem

    • Quantum vs. Classical

    • What is a Qubit and Why is it Special?

    • What Does a Quantum Computer Look Like?

    • Mini Quiz

  • 2

    How Will Quantum Computers Be Used?

    • Near vs. Far

    • Shor's Algorithm

    • Quantum Gaming

    • Quantum Chemistry

  • 3

    How To Get Involved

    • How To Prepare For A Quantum Career

    • IBM Quantum Experience

    • How To Visualize Quantum

    • Final Exam

    • What's Next?